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Selling or promoting your property? We can provide the aerial photography that will showcase your property from a unique aerial perspective. We also provide interactive 360 degree panoramas, both aerial and ground level.

This is ideal for showing large properties, both residential and commercial, as well as viewing surrounding areas of interest.

Create Matterport Virtual Tours of your buildings interior, allowing clients to walk through the space.


Residential, commercial & retail locations can all benefit from Virtual Tours.

Multi-Story Home Sample

Vacation Home Sample

Condo Sample Sample

Our drones produce accurate and highly detailed maps that are ideal for visualizing large properties.

Shopping centers, farms, construction sites, even entire neighborhoods can benefit from accurate and timely mapping.

View a 290 acre sample

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Located in New York's Hudson Valley, we provide aerial imaging services to most of Columbia, Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and Westchester counties, as well as western Connecticut. 

Travel to other locations may be available, just contact fliteEYES.

FAA licensed for sUAS (drone) commercial operations


Equipped with a 1" sensor

capturing imagery up to

~20mp stills & HD Video from 24-120fps

Equipped with a 1/2.3" sensor

capturing imagery up to

~12mp stills & HD Video @ 24-60fps

Absolutely! Although some restrictions exist, we perform a review of applicable regulations and airspace restrictions prior to each flight. If you have any concerns regarding your proposed location just contact fliteEYES and we'll be happy to confirm availability. If necessary, we can apply for FAA Authorizations/Waivers.

Each flight can last approx 20-30 minutes, depending on temperature and wind conditions.

Multiple batteries can be used as necessary.

The FAA mandates all drones be within view of the Pilot-in-Charge (PIC) at all times, but through the use of spotters/visual observers, the range and area covered can be expanded significantly.

We only need an area approximately 10x10 feet. Most yards, driveways or parking lots work fine.

Our drones are approximately 75dB. Once at altitude (150 feet for example), they produce very little ground level noise, often going unnoticed by people in the area.

Although sometimes available during the week, our flights are generally scheduled for weekends.

All major Credit Cards, PayPal, Venmo, Checks and Cash are accepted. Payment is not due until the flight has been completed and images/video are ready for delivery.

A 360 Degree Panorama allows viewers the unique perspective of floating in the air while being able to rotate and view their surroundings. This can be very useful in showing how your property or structure relates to it's surrounding area. Use your mouse to rotate and zoom the sample below...

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